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Colnago 3ttt Pantograph Quill Stem Black 125mm NOS

SKU: CB-SS-CG-8710

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3ttt are famous for their handlebars and stems. In the words of a 3ttt catalogue from the 1970s, 3ttt stems represent the finest achievement in the world in this specialised component. Strong yet light, lovingly hand forged and engraved by Italian artists in metal”.

In the 1980’s the company was originally known as Ambrosio. In 1961 the company name was changed to 3ttt (Tecno Tubo Torino) by founder Mario Dedioniggi. The Torino based manufacturer switched from the use of steel for handlebars and stems to aluminium, and their bars and stems soon became popular with the Italian bicycle racing community. Different drop handlebar shapes were offered, named after the very champions who had both contributed to their design and ridden their namesakes to countless victories.


NOS ( New Old Stock)

3TTT 125mm stem, original pantographed and lasered with naming logo.
This black stem is a very rare edition.

Hand Made in Italy.

A pantographed stem is a perfect finishing touch for any classic Colnago.
These aren’t getting any easier to find either.

125mm length.
Clamp diameter is 25.8mm
22.2mm shaft diameter

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