’82 Dustin saves enough dough from his newspaper delivery job to buy his first bike, a GT BMX

Cicli Berlinetta

Avid cyclist and keen collector Dustin Nordhus began trading in high end racing bicycles fifteen years ago. Together with his small team of staff, all avid cyclists, he has been positively influencing the vintage bike scene from his Berlin store, serving an ever widening fan base of discerning bike lovers and collectors from all over the world.

When Dustin isn’t riding, buying, selling, repairing and restoring vintage bicycles, he’s photographing them! Next to the small photographic studio our master mechanic plies his trade. He can do his job blindfolded, and knows just how to bring your bike back to its former glory! To ensure he can work his magic undisturbed, whenever possible we have a knowledgeable and helpful staffer at the counter to help those customers who visit our premises in person, as well as answering the phone and replying to emails.

Elsewhere, our frame builder works wonders with his torch and his paint gun. In addition to crafting new bicycle frame sets, he is well versed in straightening misaligned frames, replacing damaged drop-outs or dented tubes, colour matching original paint, and faithfully recreating original decals and finishes.