We relish working with any cyclist who desires a bicycle tailor-made to their very specific requirements. We like nothing more than discussing and refining their ideas, and commissioning our frame builder to turn their design into the finished article. We can advise what tubing would be best suitable, what size and geometry, which details to include and what to omit. We’ll help you design a paint scheme, from mild to wild, and share your delight when the new frame and fork surpasses expectations.

There are almost no limits to what our master frame builder can construct!”

Professional personal frame building

We work with a hugely experienced frame builder who has built a great many frames for professional racing teams. There are no fixed prices as custom frames are all made individually on request. So shoot us an e-mail or stop by our store and let’s figure out what would be just right for you.

Everybody wants to have a sexy bike! Life is too short to ride a shitty bike!”


Every bicycle needs an individual approach, and so does the owner. Thanks to our knowledge and practical experience with steel vintage bikes there’s almost nothing we don’t know, or can’t do! Visit us in our Berlin shop, show us your bicycle, and we’ll tell you how we would go about making it ride better, and faster!

Everything has its time. We can’t stop the clock, but we do our best to make it tick a little slower!”


Each repair job begins with a thorough appraisal of the bicycle, an honest assessment of what work needs to be carried out, and what components will need to be repaired or replaced. We work on all kinds of bicycle, from simple and mundane everyday commuter and shopping bikes, to state of the art racing machinery. We don’t diagnose over the telephone or via the internet. We need to see your bike, and talk to you face to face. Straight talk, fair prices and good workmanship make for a happy regular clientele.

We bring retired warriors back to fight form!”


Replicating original paint and decals is a complex process, and one that we’ve been refining for over a decade and a half. We can restore almost any frame in any condition, bringing it back to its former glory. When we give a worthy old bicycle the full Cicili Berlinetta treatment after years of neglect and abuse, our clients are always astonished by the quality and delighted by the attention we pay to the details.

From Australia to Japan, via the USA, Asia and Europe, our small bicycle shop is world-renowned among cycling connoisseurs and enthusiasts!”