Somec – Vintage Steel Bikes

Country: Italy
Founded: 1973, Lugo

The history of Somec Bikes

The Somec company was founded by Oliviero Gallegati. The name derives from the expression “SOcieta MECchanica”, or “SOciety of MEChanics”. The Somec logo and headtube badge features a Tulip motif and also incorporates the famous “cavallino rampante”. Also widely popularised by Ferrari automobiles, the prancing horse motif was originally emblazoned on the fighter planes of famous local aviation pioneer Francesco Baracca.

Somec artisan built steel bicycle frames are known for their elegance and sophisticated design details. In the 1970s Somec created a distinctive seat tube casting which tucked the seat stays neatly behind the seat tube, and Gallegati also created an arched rear brake bridge that reflected the curvature of the brake calliper.

In the 1980s Somec also began to handcraft frames from aluminium, but in marked contrast to the majority of other manufacturers working with this material, Somec frames featured visibly superior smoother welds. This laborious and time consuming process resulted in a vastly superior aesthetic, albeit at a premium.

Throughout the 1980s Somec continued to improve on their iconic steel bicycle frames. Later innovations include their highly distinctive integrated gear cable routing designed for use with Ergopower shifters. Two smoothly filet brazed tubular ‘stalks’ incorporating tension adjusters project forward from the down tube out in front of the head tube.

Somec are also known for their exquisitely engraved component groups, further enhancing the beauty of Campagnolo component groups such as Super Record and C Record with delightful custom pantography, given the finishing touch by hand using bright enamel colours.

Somec models

Somec Air 2001 C. Record, constructed using Columbus SLX, SPX and AIR tubing.

Somec Air Super Record, constructed with Columbus SLX, SPX and AIR tubing.

Somec Air 2001 Crono Strada C. Record, utilising Columbus SL, SP and AIR tubing.

Somec Super Corsa Victory, built with Columbus SL and SP tubes.

Somec Special, constructed from Columbus Aelle tubing using Cinelli bottom bracket, lugs and fork crown plus Gipiemme fork ends

Somec Pista S. Record, made with Columbus P.S or PL tubes.

Somec Super Air 2001 S. Record, featuring Columbus 9L-9P and AIR tubing. Curved seat tube, curved forward sloping top tube, 700c front wheel.