Regina – bicycle components

Country: Italy
Founded: 1919

The history of Regina bicycle components

Regina was the preeminent Italian manufacturer of precision chains, for bicycles as well as for mopeds, motorcycles, later expanding into production of chains for industrial applications. The company was founded in 1919, and its full name is “Società Italiana Catene Calibrate Regina”.

Until the advent of proprietary cassette systems (by a certain Japanese company of significant size and reknown) changed the paradigm, throughout the ’60s and ’70s a chain and freewheel from Regina was considered essentially standard equipment for a professional quality Italian racing bicycle. The highest quality Regina products were called ‘Oro’ (Gold), and were given a final corrosion resistant coating with a gold colouring. Regina also offered chain tools and freewheel extractor tools to complement their line of bicycle chain drive components.

The company still exists today, although bicycle components are no longer part of their product line, which is now devoted to automotive, aeronautical, conveyor and industrial chains.

Notable Regina components


Regina ‘Agrati-Garelli’ fixed rear track sprocket, 12/14/15/16/17/18/19/20 teeth


Regina ‘Extra’ single speed freewheel

Regina ‘Oro’ five and six speed freewheels

Regina ‘America’ freewheel

Roller chains for derailleur gears:

Regina ‘Extra’, 112 links

Regina ‘Supercorsa’, 120 links

Regina ‘Oro’, gold anodised, 120 links

Regina ‘America’ chain