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Tommasini TECNO TIG frameset 53 cm 1990’s


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Here’s something a little bit different from the lugged steel bicycle frame and fork sets that are the mainstay of our trade at Cicli Berlinetta. This Tommasini combines traditional manufacturing techniques with more recent innovations, thus bridging the eras of the lugged frame and that of the modern period of integrated headset and carbon forks. Having been in the business of artisanal racing bicycle frame manufacture since the end of WWII, Irio Tommasini knows just what combinations of tubing and geometries make for a responsive ride, providing the keen racer with a competitive edge. This frame, perfectly complimented by a high modulus carbon fibre ‘Carve’ fork from Columbus, fuses the old and new traditions in a stylish synthesis.

Oversize main tubes, drawn in multi-faceted shapes to provide maximum resistance to deflection from the efforts of the most powerful rider, are TIG welded at the head junctions to a head tube that incorporates a concealed headset. The lower flare is engraved with the Tommasini name, and of course there is a head badge with the iconic chainring and laurel T motif and script. Two barrel adjusters protrude from brazings which guide the cables neatly inside that massive down tube. The bottom bracket casting, proudly engraved with the legend ‘Handmade in Italy’, is also attached with TIG welds. The seat cluster neatly combines TIG work and the more traditional lug brazing technique, and is of course emblazoned either side with the trademark ‘T’ diamond embellishments. At the back end the stays are joined in short-reach drop outs, proprietary castings with the micro-adjusters intact and fully functional. The drive side chain stay is topped with a ‘carbon fibre look’ paint protector, with a fine printed pattern of tiny ‘T’ shapes! The paintwork is striking, combining deep black fore and aft with a bright white centre, and scarlet accents. The Tommasini script is large, and accentuates the shape and size of the down tube. The white and red diagonal accents are also ‘ghosted’ onto the upper fork blades. There is provision for two water bottles, and the front derailleur attachment is to a braze-on fitting. The carbon fork, with alloy drop outs and steerer tube, is attached by a black anodised Token headset, and comes with two 5mm spacers and a black top cap. All in all, a light and stiff racer with a lot of character, representing the state of the art in Tuscan hand manufacture at the beginning of this century.

Brand: Tommasini
Material: Steel
Frame Size/Seat tube: 53 cm ct. – ct. (54,5 cm top tube)
Top tube Length: 55 cm
Head tube: 142 mm
Fork: 1 1/8″ Ahead
Fork Shaft: 215 mm

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