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Modolo Speedy Brakes & Levers Set

SKU: CB-BS-ML-7316

1 in stock

Quality set of Modolo Speedy single-pivot brakes and levers for sale.

Modolo was Campagnolo’s main Italian competitor in the 1980s when it came to brakes, levers, bars and stems.

The Speedy line was one of the top models, showing quality workmanship and an impressive finish.
Similar in appearance to Campagnolo’s Super Record brakes, also with the aluminium pad holders.

These brakes are slightly used, but in good overall condition, complete with all pieces (adjuster, recessed spindle
nuts, original pads). There’s a little wear to the pads, but still have plenty of life left. Springs are strong and precise.

The levers are also in good condition with a couple of minor scratches. They’re missing the rubber hoods.

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