Magni ‘Super Lightweight’ 5.9kg Road Bicycle, tuned by Smolik. 53cm


One of a kind, super lightweight mid-’80s road bike from the famous Swiss manufacturer Magni, further improved by one of the most innovative bicycle engineers of that era – Christian Smolik. This is undoubtedly one of the lightest bikes created at that time. Every single individual part has been given the Smolik treatment, optimised in order to reduce the individual and thus overall weight to the lightest possible. Parts including the cranks, skewers, brake levers, derailleurs, hubs, pedals and the seat post have all been painstakingly machined and/or hand finished, thus paring the weight down to a still functional minimum. Pedals are crafted from magnesium with titanium spindles. Shifter levers are also from magnesium. The frame set is fully chromed, over which has been applied an astonishing lustrous blueish-purpleish lacquer.

The bike is a really unique example of passionate bicycle evolution and innovation. No stones were left unturned in the creative process, no dogma not critically analysed, no orthodoxy left unchallenged! Included in the sale is a copy of the original German bicycle magazine TOUR, with an extensive write-up of the work carried out, dating from 1984.

  • Seat tube: 53cm c-t
  • Seat tube: 52cm c-c
  • Top tube : 53,5cm c-c
  • Head tube: 12cm
  • Wheel base: 96cm
  • Handlebars: 40cm c-c

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