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De Rosa Primato EL Custom – Gentian Blue – 55 cm

BrandDe Rosa
GeometryRoad Bike
ModelPrimato EL

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De Rosa Primato EL Custom – 55 cm

This is a 1990s De Rosa ‘Primato Custom’ lugged steel road racing frame and fork, made with Columbus EL tubing, and finished in a nice shade of navy blue called ‘Gentian’. This is the original paint, and shows some minor scratches, and superficial scuffing to few of the nice white decals. There are no dings or dents, and it is in excellent condition. The rear brake cable is concealed inside the top tube. The bottom bracket casting features some additional external webbing, enhancing the rigidity of the frame and thus transmitting more of the riders power to the road, rather than it being wasted in lateral deflection of the frame. Not only does it improve the stiffness of the frame at a critical area, it also looks great. As do the oversize chain stay tubes themselves, with their distinctive diamond shape.

The frame is paired with the correct original raked fork topped with a flat crown, engraved with the De Rosa name and chrome plated. The drop outs, front and rear, are also engraved with the De Rosa name. The drive side chain stay is also chrome plated. There is a brazed front derailleur mount, and provision for two water bottles.

This nicely detailed frame and fork is a fine example of very high quality steel frame manufacture from the time period when composite materials began to drastically change the aesthetic of the racing bicycle. This conservatively decorated ‘Primato Custom’ in the Italian national colours is a nice example of refined understatement, and looks all the better for being neither too flashy nor too conspicuously gaudy.

Brand: De Rosa
Model: Primato EL Custom
Model Year: 1990’s
Frame Size: 55.5 cm ct-ct (57 ct-top)
Top Tube: 55.5 cm
Wheel base: 97.5 cm
Fork: 1″ threaded
Fork Shaft: 19 cm
Rear Space: 13 cm
Frame Weight: 2.500 Kg

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