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Cicli Berlinetta ‘Doppia’ Track Frameset. 55cm


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Cicli Berlinetta track frame and fork. Hand made and painted by a professional frame builder, who painstakingly created this track frame set for us using Columbus SL tubes.

Just like our ‘Doppia’ racing bike frames, it uses cast steel lugs, and our custom track ends. These frames and forks are very high quality, and made to last.

We’ve sold a fair few of them, which now adorn the streets of Berlin, New York City, and many other places where traditional cycle culture thrives. This bike has been built up for display, but is still in excellent condition.

  • Seat tube c-c: 55cm
  • Seat tube c-t: 56.5cm
  • Top tube c-c: 55cm
  • Tube set: Columbus SL

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