1986 Paletti Vintage Road Bike Frame set

Country of productionItaly
Frame size63 cm
ModelSuper Prestige


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This particular listing is for Luciano Paletti – Super Prestige road frame set, in excellent original condition.

Dating from approx. 1986/87, the frame has been lightly used and is excellent condition.
Some paint chips have been touched up. Rear triangle and fork blades are chromed.
The tubes are from Columbus SPX, a more stiffer tubing set for bigger frames.

Rear derailleur cable runs underneath the right chainstay and then pops out near the dropout.
The rear brake cable is internally routed. The rear triangle is crimped for aero gains.
Luciano Paletti’s sexy signature on the top tube. Cut out BB shell and nice and fine sophisticated little pantos through out the complete frame. Labeled with “Reparto Corse” as a sign of professional use.

All threads are in good condition, and there are no dents or signs of any crashes.
A few tiny scratches but in good general condition overall.

This is your chance to get a top quality frame at an excellent price ! We find Paletti’s workmanship to be every bit as good as De Rosa, Colnago, Pinarello or Casati, and they continue to be a very high quality framebuilding shop.

Seat tube c-c: 63cm
Seat tube c-t: 64.5cm
Top tube c-c: 59cm
Head tube: 207mm
Wheel base: 98.5cm
Rear spacing: 126mm
Bottom bracket thread: ITA
Headset: 1″ threaded
Front Derailleur: braze on
Seat tube diameter: 27.2mm
Tubing: Columbus SPX

Forks: 760g

Luciano Paletti is a master framebuilder based in Modena. In the early 1960s he was himself a keen racing cyclist. His distinctive bicycles are veritable works of art, often incorporating subtle details that are not always apparent to the casual observer. Paletti frames are always finished with very high quality paintwork, and it goes without saying that a proper Paletti bicycle would not be complete without pantographed components such as the stem and outer chainring. Paletti learnt the craft of frame building under Orazio Grenzi, the maker of the famed Virginia brand, and later learnt from Ugo DeRosa. It was Grenzi himself who produced the early frames that bore the Paletti name, from 1972 until 1975. Luciano Paletti took over Grenzi’s premises in Viciglio when Grenzi went to work for the component manufacturer 3ttt. Another local Modenese frame builder who learnt from Grenzi was Antonio Mattioli, with whom Patelli would later collaborate on the PMZ project along with Zanasi. It is thought that Mattioli and Zanasi manufactured bikes for Paletti.

Paletti frames incorporate bottom bracket castings, seat stay caps, rear brake bridge, head lugs and fork crown all emblazoned with the LP initials and usually carry the framebuilders signature at the rear of the top tube. Cunningly concealed cable routing for the brakes and gears do away with unsightly clutter and bring the exquisite detailing of the frameset to the fore. The Paletti Logo comprises the initials LP in front of a diamond. The Paletti headbadge incorporates the diamond, clover, heart and spade motifs found on playing cards. Just to make it quite plain that Paletti is reserved for real players!

Paletti has provided many bicycles to top athletes, and has sponsored various teams over the decades, achieving wins on the road and also in cyclocross. In his earlier career the great Marco Pantani raced on a Luciano Paletti road bike in the 1991 Giro d’Italia whilst he rode for the Emilia Romagna team.

Luciano Paletti passed on his passion for racing bicycles to son Michele, who would also be a talented bike racer. In 1991 Michele was a teammate of Marco Pantani when both riders were on the Emilia Romagna team, and later Michele was a member of the Mapei pro team. Today Michele continues to run the family business that was started by his father.

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