Simonato ‘Super Special’

This red and black beauty is a classic road racing bicycle by Italian master craftsman Oscar Simonato. The Columbus Superleggero frame and fork features virtually unblemished paint over bright chrome, detailed with black stencil lettering.
The many labour intensive touches to this bike include shortened brake axles which have been brazed directly to the rear brake bridge and fork crown, and painstaking “Drillium” weight reduction of the Campagnolo brake calipers and brake levers, highlighted with black enamel.
The polished and internally refreshed Campagnolo Record hubs are laced to dark anodised Martano rims, as favoured by Alfredo Masi during the ‘70s and early ‘80s. The wheels are shod with Hutchinson tubular tyres. The black leather saddle is a period item from the Swiss cult manaufacturer Assos, atop a pantographed seatpost that compliments the similarly pantographed stem up front.