Exhibited at the European Handbuilt Bicycle Show in Schwaebisch Gmund. TDF, Giro and L’Eroica road trips.


Introduced our first Cicli Berlinetta filet-brazed lugless steel frames. Rode L’Eroica. Visited the Retro Ronde in Belgium, where we met Freddy Maertens. Photographed some of Eric Zabel’s personal bicycle collection with Tino Pohlmann.


Exhibited at the Berliner Fahhradschau. Built my first steel road bike that weighed less than 7 kg, a cream white Casati Laser. Befriended Antonio Columbo from Cinelli and Columbus. Met Moser again in Palù di Giovo, near Trento. Also met Francesco and Moreno Moser and Gilberto Simoni. Eric Zabel visited the Cicli Berlinetta store and became a customer.


Exhibited once more at the Berliner Fahrradschau, with ten bikes suspended from the ceiling. On the annual pilgrimage to the TDF Dustin rode in the team car with Erik Zabel and photographer Tino Pohlmann, following the Peloton at speed. Met Oleg Tinkov (Team Tinkoff owner), Marcel Kittel and Ralf Aldag, Joaquin ‘Rocky’ Rodriguez and Giovanni Visconti. Attended L’Eroica. Launched online Cicli Berlinetta webstore.


Third and larger exhibit at the Berliner Fahhradschau. Second son Eden born in April. Rode L’Eroica, enjoyed an informative audience with the great Andrea Pesenti, designer of the legendary Cinelli Laser.