Asia fixed gear tour with Mo (Keirin) – “2 Bikes in Asia”. Documented our trip online with regular updates – an early Blog! Highlights included wiping out my 1st bike in Tokyo in an Alleycat. Adios, Enik ex-German National Team frame! Bought an NJS Enei and slapped all my Campagnolo Record Pista parts on it! We rode through Japan, China, Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand. Hit an evil pothole riding at night in Vietnam, and cracked the Enei, then got it welded up in a muffler shop in Thailand for a dollar. Survived a nunchuck wielding taxi driver in Hong Kong, a sledgehammer attack by a Vietnamese truck driver, and a machete attack in Thailand! The Enei was toast, so I got the third bike of the tour, a Shirley Steam Roller, in Thailand. Rode on alone through Laos, China, where I got robbed in Urumqi, and Kazakhstan. Made it safely back to Berlin, went on to Budapest for CMWC. Won Berlin Hallowe’en again! Test rider and promotional video and calendar model for Wheeler Bicycles – “der freakier Kanadier”!


Began collecting bicycles more seriously. Non-stop bicycle delivery with Messenger! Broke the Berlin record for highest earnings in a single day, and also most money made in one week. Saving money with which to realise my dream; one day opening my own bike shop! Went to CMWC Copenhagen, but didn’t compete; I sold shed loads of cycle jerseys though!


Started to trade bikes from home, building bicycles for messenger colleagues and cycle aficionados. First trip to see the Tour de France. Gave Eric Zabel a push on a mountain stage, only for him to shove me away and punch me! I didn’t know a Tour rider could be disqualified for receiving assistance. Sorry, Ete! Feature interview in Tour magazine.


Various media appearances as a ‘celebrity messenger’ (fame whore!). Massive multi-storey outdoor advertising campaigns in Berlin featured yours truly! I was all over the facade of the Canadian Embassy at Leipziger Platz! Also seen nationwide on the side of many Mercedes Benz truck trailers. Helped organise and host “BombTrack Berlin” event in July.


Opened Cicli Berlinetta, in Fehrbelliner Strasse, Mitte. Launched our establishing Brand Identity including our ‘Head badge’ motif, complete with laurels, the Berlin bear, and a crown. First Cicli Berlinetta exhibition at Ill Gallery, Haus Schwarzenberg, Mitte. Sold our first own-brand Cicli Berlinetta steel track frames – caramel brown with cream lettering or pearl white with pale blue graphics, mens and ladies. Now classics! Went online with the original incarnation of Cicli Berlinetta on the worldwide web.