Let’s stop the clock!

Time might be the strongest force in the universe. Nothing can resist against the power of time. Everything has it’s time. We at Cicli Berlinetta can not stop the clock at all. But what we do is to make it ticking a little bit slower. We conserve the beautiful things. We conserve the vintage bicycles. We awaken old warriors from the dusty and rusty sleep and make them ride as a laser beam in the old days again! Because we strongly believe that certain shapes and designs are timeless and unique for themselfes! There are many trends and moda. But there is only one classic style that found it’s form in a nice vintage steel road bicycle. The double triangle and the classic round deep handlebars or simple friction gears are standards that stand as an eternal milestone in the evolution of cycling and the road bike.

So what do we do?

We restore and repair bikes. That’s what we simply do. Every bikes needs an individual approach so does it the owner aswell. Some bikes just simply need a new chain or a new set of tires. Other bikes need more attention. Some might need a new repaint or even a new tube. There is nothing we can not do and the 99% of the cases we face – we can fix up and revival the old spirit of the steel lugged bicycle. But steel lugged vintage bicycles is not everything we do. We are not afraid of old and rusty ladies bikes and neither we are of electrical pedelecs. All bicycles are welcome. Our mechanico is a true maestro and can do his job blindfolded. So don’t hesitate and bring your bike to Cicli Berlinetta and we will make it ride better, faster or make it ride at all. All prices are negotiatable in a classic italian style.

Ciao and big bicycle regards from Berlin Prenzlauer Berg!