bike that grows too

As children we grow rapidly and making progress faster than our parents can supply us with the right bike. Most of the kids bikes are super ugly. Thankfully to the new uprising start-up from Latvia – Leg&Go these problems are solved now. Leg&Go bikes are modular like the famous construction toy. Your kid starts with a rocking elephant and starts to rock the living room. After your child is big enough to rock the park the elephant transforms into a balance bike. And after your child wants to start with a first proper bike the balance bike transforms via drivetrain addon into a bike! All bikes are designed to suit the living room. Furthermore the wooden design is kids safe and the final bike version has even a belt drivetrain instead of a dangerous bike chain. If you want to know more check out out the KICKSTARTER Campaign from Leg&Go. The innovative kids bikes are waiting for your family to be checked out at Cicli Berlinetta.

Ciao and big bicycle regards from Berlin Prenzlauer Berg!