The important thing is to not stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.

- Albert Einstein, curious mind

reinventing the wheel

Whilst it is most certainly the case that we at Cicli Berlinetta cherish bicycles and related components from yesteryear, that does not by any means imply that we are stuck in the past. On the contrary, we value innovation in the design of bicycles and all things cycling very highly indeed. The older racing bicycles that we collect and restore were all considered innovative and new-fangled when they were manufactured, and it was the embrace of new manufacturing techniques that made them lighter/stronger/sleeker than their predecessors. Without the genius of innovators we wouldn’t benefit from game-changing inventions such as lightweight tubing, aluminium rims and components, or the use of composite materials.

Just as we revere and admire the efforts of the great frame builders and equipment manufacturers of yesteryear to constantly improve their products, so we celebrate those designers who continue to improve the cycling experience today.

Whilst we don’t stock the very latest in off-the-peg road and track racing bicycles, we do maintain a small but growing selection of new product innovations that you can enjoy whilst cycling on a classic steel bicycle. Case in point, bicycle lighting. There’s no need to remain unseen after dark with the advent of small, bright and efficient LED bike lights from makers such as Bookman. Another good example of innovation that fits comfortably with a classic bicycle is the variety of new saddle designs offering a traditional aesthetic in combination with the use of contemporary materials, from makers such as Brooks. We also offer handmade Italian cycling shoes that combine the fashion of the golden era with the ability to affix cleats for modern clipless pedals.

If you have a bike related startup yourself let’s partner up! Just shoot us a quick message to dustin (at)

Ciao and big bicycle regards from Berlin Prenzlauer Berg!



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flat and light design pedals inspired by skateboards

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