Fillet Brazed Racing Paletti Panto Road Bike 1″ Quill Stem 110mm


This listing is for a professional hand made quality stem, Fillet brazed, polished and clear anodised in Italy.

The brazing is done accurately by Seniore Paletti himself.
As usual the stem wears Maestro’s signature

110mm length
Quill style
Clamp diameter is 26.0mm
1 inch / 22.2mm shaft diameter
around only 200g

Slightly used, in good condition

Luciano Paletti is a master framebuilder and bicycle enthusiast based in Modena. In the early 1960s he was himself a keen racing cyclist. His distinctive bicycles and parts are veritable works of art, often incorporating subtle details that are not always apparent to the casual observer. Paletti frames are always finished with very high quality paintwork, and it goes without saying that a proper Paletti bicycle would not be complete without pantographed components such as the stem and outer chainring. Paletti learnt the craft of frame building under Orazio Grenzi, the maker of the famed Virginia brand, and later learnt from Ugo DeRosa. It was Grenzi himself who produced the early frames that bore the Paletti name, from 1972 until 1975. Luciano Paletti took over Grenzi’s premises in Viciglio when Grenzi went to work for the component manufacturer 3ttt. Another local Modenese frame builder who learnt from Grenzi was Antonio Mattioli, with whom Patelli would later collaborate on the PMZ project along with Zanasi. It is thought that Mattioli and Zanasi manufactured bikes for Paletti.


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