• A new custom Pista frameset in jolly festive colours

    A good client of ours decided to treat himself to a brand new made-to-measure track frame and fork, and we helped him choose an eye catching combination of colours to make it look as good as it rides. You really can’t say anything uncomplimentary about a deep Bordeaux red metallic set off with black and gold accents, and this is certainly a colour scheme which will never go out of style. Not only that, it is quite in keeping with the festive season.

  • The sun is out, but our Work’Shop is open!

    We’d like nothing more than to shut up shop and go for a lovely bike ride in the summer sun. We’re feeling dutiful, so we’re in our Work’Shop, and ready to put everybody’s bicycles in tip-top working order. That way we can all enjoy the sun together, and the cycle paths will be a happy place, full of smiling cyclists, riding roadworthy machines, ensuring all and sundry are safe!

  • “The more things change…”

    …the more they stay the same!

    It has been fifteen years (!) since Dustin first opened a bicycle shop in the trendy Berlin suburb of Prenzlauer Berg, with the name Cicli Berlinetta emblazoned above the door! In the subsequent decade and a half of wheeling and dealing in older bicycles, a lot has certainly changed, but his passion remains undimmed. 

    [read more]When the original premises became too small to house the expanding stock of vintage steel bicycles, Dustin moved to a larger retail space. In addition to acquiring ever more bikes, and a voluminous stash of individual components, he became a family man.

    From the off, Dustin knew he couldn’t rely on passing custom, and Cicli Berlinetta needed an internet presence. At the onset the digital domain was as humble and quirky an affair as those chaotic first years in the cramped old shop. Never a shy or retiring type, Dustin has always been a colourful character, and his web pages have always tried to reflect the charisma and personality of both proprietor and product assortment. 

    Other vendors have come along, the marketplace now quite saturated with similar offerings. Cicli Berlinetta can’t claim to have invented the bicycle, nor proclaim to have been the first to specialise in older steel bicycles of mostly Italian origin. What we can assert, and with great confidence, is that we are “The Home Of Cycling Chic in Berlin”, and we are mighty proud that our influence now reaches the farthest parts of the cycling world.

    Different generations of the Cicli Berlinetta web domain have also come and gone, each an improvement upon previous iterations. We are delighted to present this latest, all singing, all dancing spectacular. We are confident you will enjoy browsing the many complete bicycles and individual components listed for sale. Just like the Work’Shop itself, you’ve found your way to a treasure trove full of marvels. We hope you’ll come back often, and tell your friends about us. [/read]

  • Colnago Master Pista by Futura 2000

    Custom build featuring a 24 carat gold plated Campagnolo gruppo

    This is a Futura Colnago Master Pista, a strictly limited numbered item from a small batch of handmade Italian framesets garnished with a gazillion multi-coloured polka dots over a white base. This item is a genuine original, bought in person on the night of release in Toronto – not a repaint, nor a reproduction, unlike some other framesets currently for sale on the internet.

    [read more]Ernesto Colnago is perhaps the best known Italian manufacturer of high end racing bicycles. Over the years, Colnago have gained a reputation for excellence, and have always stood out amongst the competition by virtue of top quality framesets finished with elaborate paintwork and detailing.

    ‘Futura 2000’ is a contemporary artist from New York, who first achieved notoriety for his graffiti and mural art, later applying his distinctive graphic designs to items as diverse as custom motorbikes, record sleeves and club flyers, even fashion.

    Nadir Olivet is a Guatemala-born impresario and proprietor of Toronto bicycle boutique ‘LaCarrera Cycles’. As an official Colnago dealer, and something of an international mover in many circles of fashionable society, he was ideally placed to connect these two singular talents. Resulting in the collaborative project “Look Ma, No Brakes”, also featuring the work of fellow New York graffiti legend ‘Stash’.

    As if this polka dot frameset wasn’t already an absolute eye catcher, we decided to turn up the volume. All the way up! We selected an appropriate group of Campagnolo components, and then had them all 24 carat gold plated. The aero seat post is adorned with a one-off hand tooled leather saddle with matching polka dots and the famous Futura 2000 tag. Similarly-detailed leather wrapping sets off the gold plated track handlebars, held in place by a black anodised quill stem pantographed with Ernesto Colnago’s signature. This one-off leather saddle and bar ’Legends’ detailing is the handiwork of another well known American artist with street roots, our friend ‘Toons’ a.k.a The Bike Styler.

    The wheelset is comprised of chrome plated low section Campagnolo aero rims, laced with black Sapim CX-Ray aero spokes and gold plated nipples to current-stock low-flange Campagnolo Record Pista hubs. Even the sprocket and axle nuts are gold plated, as are the engraved chainring bolts and crank end caps. The wheels are shod with high-end Vittoria Open Corsa SC Pro Series tyres, with pale sidewalls.

    Built with a short wheelbase, slightly sloping top tube and straight fork, the Colnago Master is a responsive and whip-quick ride. It looks as fast as it does fashionable even standing still, and this distinctive build boasts enough bling to eclipse the competition in the style stakes.

    The rear wheel was radially laced on both sides for vertical symmetry, and to show the frame and components better. If you would like us to re-lace it with a cross pattern, then we are more than happy to oblige.

    The fork shaft was converted from 1″ threadless to 1″ threaded by our professional framebuilder, so that we could install a traditional quill stem. To the best of our knowledge, this is the only Futura frameset with a 1″ threaded headset. [/read]

  • Simonato ‘Super Special’

    This red and black beauty is a classic road racing bicycle by Italian master craftsman Oscar Simonato. The Columbus Superleggero frame and fork features virtually unblemished paint over bright chrome, detailed with black stencil lettering.

    [read more]The many labour intensive touches to this bike include shortened brake axles which have been brazed directly to the rear brake bridge and fork crown, and painstaking “Drillium” weight reduction of the Campagnolo brake calipers and brake levers, highlighted with black enamel.

    The polished and internally refreshed Campagnolo Record hubs are laced to dark anodised Martano rims, as favoured by Alfredo Masi during the ‘70s and early ‘80s. The wheels are shod with Hutchinson tubular tyres. The black leather saddle is a period item from the Swiss cult manaufacturer Assos, atop a pantographed seatpost that compliments the similarly pantographed stem up front.[/read]