• A new custom Pista frameset in jolly festive colours

    A good client of ours decided to treat himself to a brand new made-to-measure track frame and fork, and we helped him choose an eye catching combination of colours to make it look as good as it rides. You really can’t say anything uncomplimentary about a deep Bordeaux red metallic set off with black and gold accents, and this is certainly a colour scheme which will never go out of style. Not only that, it is quite in keeping with the festive season.

  • The sun is out, but our Work’Shop is open!

    We’d like nothing more than to shut up shop and go for a lovely bike ride in the summer sun. We’re feeling dutiful, so we’re in our Work’Shop, and ready to put everybody’s bicycles in tip-top working order. That way we can all enjoy the sun together, and the cycle paths will be a happy place, full of smiling cyclists, riding roadworthy machines, ensuring all and sundry are safe!

  • “The more things change…”

    …the more they stay the same!

    It has been fifteen years (!) since Dustin first opened a bicycle shop in the trendy Berlin suburb of Prenzlauer Berg, with the name Cicli Berlinetta emblazoned above the door! In the subsequent decade and a half of wheeling and dealing in older bicycles, a lot has certainly changed, but his passion remains undimmed. 

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  • Colnago Master Pista by Futura 2000

    Custom build featuring a 24 carat gold plated Campagnolo gruppo

    This is a Futura Colnago Master Pista, a strictly limited numbered item from a small batch of handmade Italian framesets garnished with a gazillion multi-coloured polka dots over a white base. This item is a genuine original, bought in person on the night of release in Toronto – not a repaint, nor a reproduction, unlike some other framesets currently for sale on the internet.

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  • Simonato ‘Super Special’

    This red and black beauty is a classic road racing bicycle by Italian master craftsman Oscar Simonato. The Columbus Superleggero frame and fork features virtually unblemished paint over bright chrome, detailed with black stencil lettering.

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