Collecting vintage bikes.
The choice of the true cycling connoisseur.

In our considered opinion, racing bicycles are machines with a timeless beauty. Learning to appreciate the fine craftsmanship, quality materials and attention to detail that are invested in the manufacture of every hand built bicycle is a rewarding experience. A lugged steel frame adorned with quality components is likely to be the best riding experience one can have. The closest connection to history and the road one could wish for. When constructed by a deft artisan, steel bikes are responsive, light and comfortable over long distance. The robust material offers considerable longevity in comparison with more contemporary bicycles, designed to soon become obsolete. Nevertheless, when buying a classic bicycle, there are a few things one should consider:

FRAME: The frame is the heart of every bicycle, and therefore has to be manufactured with high-quality materials. When it comes to steel frames, the best manufacturers most commonly used Columbus or Reynolds tubing.

COMPONENTS: High quality components ensure a satisfying ride for a long time to come. We specialise in components by Campagnolo, the byword for Italian quality and style.

SIZE: Most frame measurements are based on the seat tube measurement. You can calculate your frame size with our specialy made Size Calculator.

CONDITION: The frame must be free from cracks, dents and serious corrosion. There’s rust, and there’s Rust! Original paintwork and decals are always preferable, the manufacturers signature. The Cicli Berlinetta online shop is the right place to find your dream classic bicycle. Our team is on standby to help and advise you in making the correct decisions. If you have any questions about our bicycles, please do not hesitate to write to us.

Collectors Choice

Vintage bicycles have been attracting the attention of smart investors over the last decade as values increase over the years, similar to the classic car scene. Stated simply, vintage bicycles are unique handmade items, of which only a limited number were produced. The most special professional bicycles were made available only to the certain few, the very greatest riders.

Cicli Berlinetta have been sourcing and inspecting collector quality classic bicycles from the most highly regarded builders since 2005. Our biggest passion is hunting for rare pieces, those that left a memorable mark on cycling history. We turn the clock back and return them to their former glory!

Each bicycle in our selection has been certified as authentic, and then given the once over by an experienced professional cycle mechanic in our Work’Shop.

In collaboration with the best courier companies, and utilising cunning packaging methods, we are able to ship safely, fully insured, fast, tracked and worldwide, right to your doorstep.