“The more things change…”

…the more they stay the same! It has been fifteen years (!) since Dustin first opened a bicycle shop in the trendy Berlin suburb of Prenzlauer Berg, with the name Cicli Berlinetta emblazoned above the door! In the subsequent decade and a half of wheeling and dealing in older bicycles, a lot has certainly changed, … Read more

Colnago Master Pista by Futura 2000

Custom build featuring a 24 carat gold plated Campagnolo gruppo This is a Futura Colnago Master Pista, a strictly limited numbered item from a small batch of handmade Italian framesets garnished with a gazillion multi-coloured polka dots over a white base. This item is a genuine original, bought in person on the night of release in … Read more

Simonato ‘Super Special’

This red and black beauty is a classic road racing bicycle by Italian master craftsman Oscar Simonato. The Columbus Superleggero frame and fork features virtually unblemished paint over bright chrome, detailed with black stencil lettering.