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1987 Sannino time trial bike

Sannino TT

This uncompromising TT bicycle is a pro team issue from the workshop of Mauro Sannino. The frame is constructed from Oria ML 25 double butted tubing, with cloverleaf formed seat and down tubes, and combines lugs at the front with filet brazing at the seat cluster. The steep seventy five degree seat tube results in a no-nonsense riding position, and the seventy seven degree steering angle makes for lively handling. The rider transfers power to a full carbon disc rear wheel through a Campagnolo C-Record Century group set. Those ever-so-rare gunmetal finished Delta brakes are in splendid condition, having of course rarely been actuated in the pursuit of sustained high speed. The racing red paintwork is in excellent condition, indicating that this bike has always been treasured.