Two decades ago the Deutsche Telekom Team was one of the dominant forces in professional cycle sport. The numerable victories of Ullrich and Zabel were of course only made possible thanks to the close support of their wingmen, one of whom was Jens Heppner. This is one of the bicycles which ‘Heppy’ rode during the 1997 season. Although, alas, it does not actually bear his signature, we have every reason to believe it was handcrafted by the late Dario Pegoretti, as were so many of the top racing bikes of the pro peloton at that time. It is equipped with a period correct Campagnolo Record group and handsome Shamal rims. The bike boasts the kind of patina that an arduous racing season will inevitably impart, but has survived without any serious damage. Delightfully dent free, very stiff and immediately responsive to every rider input, this is certainly a collector piece with impeccable pedigree.