Every decade or so, the state of the art of bicycle manufacture is lifted a degree or so higher than had previously been dreamt of or even actually manufactured. The ’80s were graced with the Cinelli Laser, an aerodynamically optimised racing bicycle developed by Antonio Colombo, Paulo Erzegovesi and Andrea Pesenti. It featured new multi-shape tubes joined with beautiful organically flowing lines, the winglike gussets also being made of hand formed steel.

This is an early prototype Laser Pista from late ’84 or early ’85. It is paired with an early iteration of the Laser fork with a sloping crown devoid of the later Columbus logos, with winged cut-outs at the sides.

The bike is appropriately adorned with a Campagnolo Record Pista groupset and Campagnolo Khamsin disc wheels. The forward sloping quill stem is from Cinelli, and holds a Cinelli 84 pursuit handlebar wound with silver Benotto tape. Pedals are Cinelli M71 hand-release platforms.

For further info about this eminently collectable machine see this listing.

Photos by Tino Pohlmann