Things went a little bit quiet here on the Cicli Berlinetta Blog recently, for which we ask you to accept our heartfelt apologies. It being the summertime, we’ve been pretty busy, not to say all over the place, in actual fact. We’ve been all over the world in the last couple of months, of which more to come at some later date, once we’ve got our breath back.

In the meantime, this weekend just gone we popped along to not-so-far-away Chemnitz to spectate at the Deutschen Meisterschaft der Steher (German Championships for Motor-paced Racing). To be honest, trade at our small stall on the bike market wasn’t nearly as brisk as we had hoped for, but the action out on the sun-soaked Velodrome was fast and furious, which more than made the road trip there and back worthwhile.