Month: August 2018

Peak ’80s – the Cinelli Laser

Every decade or so, the state of the art of bicycle manufacture is lifted a degree or so higher than had previously been dreamt of or even actually manufactured. The ’80s were graced with the Cinelli Laser, an aerodynamically optimised racing bicycle developed by Antonio Colombo, Paulo Erzegovesi and Andrea Pesenti. It featured new multi-shape […]

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Cicli Berlinetta went to the Deutschen Meisterschaft der Steher, Chemnitz, August 2018

Things went a little bit quiet here on the Cicli Berlinetta Blog recently, for which we ask you to accept our heartfelt apologies. It being the summertime, we’ve been pretty busy, not to say all over the place, in actual fact. We’ve been all over the world in the last couple of months, of which […]

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