After the frame and fork, essentially the heart or the skeleton of the bicycle, the single most important parts have got to be the wheels. Sure, you want a lightweight bicycle frame. But did you know that weight saved from reciprocating mass is worth three times any weight saved elsewhere? Which is to say, if you outfit your bike with a lightweight pair of wheels, that weight loss makes itself immediately more apparent in motion. A well built pair of wheels will completely transform the way your bike feels., and we take pride in building wheels well at Cicli Berlinetta. The more wheels we build, the better at it we get. We’ve laced up so many that we’ve acquired a lot of experience. Don’t just take our word for it! Take one of our refurbished road machines for a spin and you’ll notice straight away that it is responsive and supple. The frame itself will define the parameters of the riding experience, but it is the wheels themselves that will maximise the riding experience that the frame and forks can deliver. If your wheels have seen better days, perhaps it is time to pay us a visit and talk about how we might improve your cycling experience by lacing up the perfect set of sparkly shiny new hoops for you. We have a nice selection of rims in stock, and we’ll happily advise you on the relative merits of this hub design over that one, which type of spokes to choose, what lacing pattern to opt for, etc. etc. Come and consult the wheel smiths of Schönfließer Straße.