With apologies for mentioning a tacky pop hit from’80s UK, we present a sleek, svelte, subtle, silver speed machine of a similar age from the Patelli works. Our store contains more than a few peacocks, in the form of gaudily coloured bicycles all competing for your attention. This is a bike that doesn’t shout in such an unseemly fashion. It features a fair few delightful construction details that set it apart from the competition, such as the discrete diamonds filed into the lugs, or the open tubing at the end of the chain stays and fork blades. It has picked up a chip and scuff or two down the years, which all adds up to a certain charming patina. We’ve added a few diminutive dabs of paint here and there to accentuate the simple styling and dispense a touch of Cicli Berlinetta magic. Neither words nor photos really do this sterling silver speed machine justice. It needs to be seen at first hand, or better yet, ridden, to be fully appreciated.