We’re feeling very much “in the pink” at the moment, and not just because the Giro d’Italia is heading to a thrilling conclusion. As the late spring days lengthen and the plentiful sunshine adds an extra sparkle to everything in our shop window, we spend our weekdays wrenching on fine bicycles from yesteryear, wrestling with (sadly all too often) neglected components that have seized through age and corrosion. With judicious application of lubrication (“More Gloop!”), a tightening of this nut, slightly more torque on this spoke, ever so little less on that one, a dab of grease here and a buff with some wax up here and on there, and “Shazam!”; another bike is rescued from the cellars of abandonment and displayed in our showroom of dreams. Ready for you to hop over the crossbar, loudly ring the handlebar mounted bell as a declaration of intent, and sally happily forth onto the boulevards and backroads of Berlin, Brandenburg and beyond, spinning the pedals of a bicycle that once again works impeccably, silently urging you further and faster, and displaying to all who see it that you have very fine taste indeed! Here comes the weekend! Saddle up! Hope we’ll see you on the road this sunny Saturday and Sunday! Or in our super store next week!