Month: May 2018

A lovely day, a lovely bicycle, what more could you ask for!?

We’re feeling very much “in the pink” at the moment, and not just because the Giro d’Italia is heading to a thrilling conclusion. As the late spring days lengthen and the plentiful sunshine adds an extra sparkle to everything in our shop window, we spend our weekdays wrenching on fine bicycles from yesteryear, wrestling with […]

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Colnago ‘Carbitubo’ twin-downtube carbon and aluminium road bike

In the early 1990s Ernesto Colnago, manufacturer of road bikes of the highest pedigree, partnered with Ferarri, constructors of (more often than not) bright red and (in every instance) blitz quick motorcars, to pursue every possible material advantage in state-of-the-art bicycle design. One of the results of this intense research and development exercise was the […]

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So the Giro d’Italia has got you feeling all sporty!? We’ve got just the thing for you

It’s that time of year for the first of the three great European stage races, the Giro d’Italia. Watching the fastest riders tearing through the scenic Italian landscape gets us in the mood to go for a fast bike ride ourselves. Should you also be struck by the sudden urge to emulate the exploits of […]

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