What we have here is a top tier pre-loved Italian road bike of impeccable pedigree. This is a mid-’80s Cinelli Supercorsa, finished in a resplendent burgundy metallic with gold accents. It was built up by its previous owner into a representative example of one of the finest rides of its day, adorned with a nicely chosen selection of top quality components from the period. It has always been fastidiously cared for, although it has picked up a small nick here and a diminutive scratch there over the ensuing decades. Nothing which could be said to detract greatly from the overall impression the bike makes, which is good, if not to say really very good indeed!

The complete Campagnolo C-Record group is in excellent condition, and functions perfectly. In particular, we’ve set the Delta brakes up properly, so that they’ll bring you to a halt nice and quick. The cranks are mounted to a bottom bracket with a titanium axle. The sprockets are turned by a Regina CX chain with shaped outer plates, which is also in very good, measurably un-stretched condition. The C-Record seatpost has polished up nicely, although it does bear a few small scratches at its base. It is topped off with a distinctively styled Selle Royal saddle, with a leather upper and a brass nosepiece at the front, which matches nicely with the gold accents on the frame.

The wheelset has been rebuilt by us, mating the 36/36 C-Record hubs to an eye-catching pair of Nisi ‘Mixer’ rims with a pale champagne gold finish. We’d been saving them for a special project for some time now, and this struck us as the perfect candidate. We think these hoops look great, and we’re all agreed that it really rides beautifully.

The handlebars and stem are a 3ttt pairing, and the aero-topped drop bars are still sporting their original stitched white leather wrap. The lack of scuffing and colour loss on the bar wrap is testament to just how few miles this bike has actually covered. It is overall in top condition, and is bound to bring abundant joy to its next keeper. We only ask that it doesn’t merely remain stationary somewhere as part of a static collection, but rather that it be taken out in the sunshine and enjoyed in the manner for which it was designed, which is to say effortlessly covering distance at a smart pace, and bringing a broad smile to the lucky rider’s face.

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