Month: March 2018

Cinelli Supercorsa; mid-’80s, 55.5cm seat tube length, in rich burgundy red

What we have here is a top tier pre-loved Italian road bike of impeccable pedigree. This is a mid-’80s Cinelli Supercorsa, finished in a resplendent burgundy metallic with gold accents. It was built up by its previous owner into a representative example of one of the finest rides of its day, adorned with a nicely […]

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Wow! The website has changed! What’s going on?

Hello! A very warm welcome to the all new Cicli Berlinetta website. It’s been quite a long time coming, and it isn’t completely finished, but we’re delighted to have you here nonetheless. Check back sooner rather than later and we might even have posted something actually worth reading! Catch you again soon then…

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